SMS (Short Message Service) Hosting

NETAccess SMS Broadcasting is a system for sending bulk SMS to multiple recipients efficiently. This system is capable of grouping and scheduling template messages for marketing campaigns, announcements, newsletters, notifications or information broadcasting. With NETAccess SMS Broadcasting, you can send SMS worldwide at a fixed rate and conveniently simply by logging into our SMS Gateway Control Panel.

Package (Units) Unit of SMS Unit Price Price
TCPBroadcast 500 500 RM 0.154 RM 77
TCPBroadcast 1000 1000 RM 0.150 RM 150
TCPBroadcast 1500 1500 RM 0.144 RM 216
TCPBroadcast 2000 2000 RM 0.140 RM 280
Others > 3000 Call us! Call us!
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Package includes:

  • Web-Base Login Control Panel
  • Unlimited Contact & Group
  • SMS Log Reporting
  • SMS Scheduler
  • Easy Contact Upload
  • SMS Fixed Rate Across Worldwide
Notes: - SMS credits valid for one year. Top up at anytime.