Premium Mail Protection

Tiring of deleting spam mail everytime you login to your mailbox to check email ? NETAccess Dot Com is proudly to annouce new NETAccess Premium Mail Protection solution to help you.

Our NETAccess Premiun Mail Protection solution is monitor by our staff daily and round the clock to detect latest spam mail! Using multi-level filtering method, we can help you to reduce the number of spam mail you received by 98%* !


"Spam mails greatly reduced and Virus mail hardly seen
after the new service (Premium Mail Protection) solution launched.
Thanks for the 24 x 7 friendly & prompt hosting support."
Seaswift Freight System (M) Sdn Bhd

General Information / Packages Basic Standard Advanced
Total No. of Mailbox Up to 10 Up to 25 26 and above
Premium Mail Protection Package Price
Setup Price (One Time) RM 100 RM 100 RM 100
Yearly Price RM 500 RM 1030 RM 45/Mailbox
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Premium Mail Protection Package Features
Reverse DNS Checking Yes
Virus & Worm Protection Yes
Bayesian Filter Yes
Black & Whitelist Filter Yes
Content & Attachment Filter Yes
Heuristics Rules Based Filter Yes
Greylisting Features Yes
Scripted Filter Yes
Spam / Blacklisted Words (Update Daily !) > 4500
Bayesian Dictionary Spam Size (Update Daily !) > 32300
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Check Yes
Round the Clock Monitoring Yes
Premium Mail Protection Package Price
Yearly Price RM 500 RM 1030 RM 45/Mailbox
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How it work ?
This servies doesn't require you to buy any additional software and hardware!
Just with the 4 simple step as below, you will then say goodbye to spam mail.
1. Place a order.
2. Point your domain mail DNS record (MX) to us.
3. Wait for the DNS record to propagate. (usually 24-48 hours)
4. A clean mailbox is waiting for you!

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*Price may update/change without prior notice.