Email Backup Solution

Do you ever encounter your email client software crash and you lost all of your mission critical and important email?

Do not worry! NETAccess Dot Com is now offering daily email backup solution! We will help you to backup all your daily incoming & outgoing mail and store it in our server! In case of any email client crash, you will still have your email backup in our server and restore it.

General Information / Packages Basic Standard
Total No. of Mailbox Up to 50 51 and above
Daily E-Mail Backup Package Price
Setup Price (One Time) RM 300 RM 300
Yearly Price RM 120 / Mailbox RM 100 / Mailbox
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Daily E-Mail Backup Package Features
Backup File Size Unlimited*
Backup Validity 3 Month (Recycle)
Type of Mail All Daily Incoming & Outgoing Mails
Type of Backup Increment
MailBox to Mailbox Restore Services* Yes
Free Restore (No carry forward) 2 Times / Month
Premium Mail Protection Yes
Daily E-Mail Backup Package Price
Yearly Price RM 120 / Mailbox RM 100 / Mailbox
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Optional Add-on(s)
Extend Backup Validity RM200 / 3 Months / Mailbox


  • Minimum subscription is 1 year per mailbox account.

  • Backup mailbox & file will be clear every 3 months (first in first out).

  • Additional mail restore will be charge at RM100 / Mailbox / Request.

  • MailBox to Mailbox Restore Services is currently offered to our hosting subscriber only !

  • Terms & conditions applied.

*Price may update/change without prior notice.